My offering includes group yoga classes, both virtually and in-person. Additionally, I offer private yoga classes on request and am happy to discuss corporate options with your company.

Group Yoga Classes

Virtual classes (live) as well as in-person classes in Munich with focus on the physical practice.

Private Yoga Classes

Individual classes tailored to your needs, abilities, and interest. 

Corporate Yoga Classes

Reward your employees and improve their well-being with morning or after work yoga.

My Teaching Style – Watch the Video

I teach vinyasa yoga which focuses on a flowing movement and aligning the movement with the breath (one breath per movement or holding a movement for several breaths). The asanas (postures) are not separate but flow into each other. This dynamic is what makes this yoga style so interesting in my opinion. It never gets boring!

My classes are strengthening and stretching. I give detailed verbal cues to make it easy to follow and achieve correct alignment in the poses. During my classes I focus on the physical exercise and aligning with the breath but I also include a short mindfulness practice at the beginning (e.g., breath focus and/or setting an intention) and the end (final relaxation, called Shavasana in Sanskrit).

My classes are beginner-friendly and suitable for advanced practitioners. While beginners are able to follow my flows easily due to detailed cueing and a rather slow pace, more advanced practitioners are still challenged as I give a variety of more difficult options for them as well. Classes are never monotonous or boring but highly professional and tailored to individual needs as much as possible.

The video below – a 30-minute beginner-friendly vinyasa flow – gives you an impression of what my yoga classes are like. Of course, each class is different and will be adapted to the level(s) of the participants, but it gives you a general idea of my teaching style.

Feel free to watch the video or maybe even practice with it for the full 30 minutes to see if you like my style, flow, voice and whatever else is important to you. Unfortunately, we cannot always practice yoga at the beach but creating a small sacred space in your home and following a virtual class can feel almost as good as being outside in nature. Each yoga practice will give you energy and release stress. Join one of my classes and stick with the practice. Reach out for any questions you might have. I am happy to explain and ultimately help you feel better with yoga!

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