Corporate Classes

Improve Mental and Physical Well-being of your Employees
Improving mental and physical well-being of your employees by offering corporate fitness activities can help improve productivity of your workforce and reduce sick leave. It can make your employees more happy and less stressed! If you own a company or are responsible for employee benefits and well-being, feel free to contact me to discuss options. I am more than happy to arrange virtual or onsite classes (if in Munich) for your employees! 

Why Choose "Yoga with Mara" for your Corporate Yoga Classes?
I believe that I am especially good at
  • accommodating different levels of yoga practitioners within one class and
  • making yoga fun and enjoyable also for people skeptic about yoga.
While beginners are able to follow my flows easily due to detailed cueing and a rather slow pace, more advanced practitioners are still challenged as I give a variety of more difficult options for them as well. Classes are never monotonous or boring but highly professional and tailored to individual needs as much as possible.

Since I started out as a yoga skeptic myself, my classes appeal to those with similar thinking. It was hard for me to follow yoga classes for quite a long time, and I did not enjoy them very much either. Therefore, my own teaching focuses on giving the needed details and making everyone feel at ease. From my experience I can say that having a focus on the physical practice first and later going more into breathing and meditation techniques helps to make skeptics enjoy yoga and stick with it.

In my opinion these two skills are especially valuable for corporate yoga classes where you might want to offer one weekly class that suits the needs of all employees and encourages a large part of your personnel to join – and especially those initially not too interested in their physical and mental well-being.

Have a look at my testimonials as well to see what they say!

In addition I am very reliable, flexible and able to give classes in either German or English as needed. Since 2022 I teach onsite at two medium sized companies in Munich. Employees are happy they have this opportunity and try to join as often as they can. I received very positive feedback for making classes challenging but easy enough to follow. 

Individual Arrangement Tailored to your Needs
My suggestion would be to start with a weekly session (or possibly more than one) in the morning before starting work, during lunch break or in the evening after completing the workday (between 30 and 60 minutes). The session can be done either in German or English. In case of virtual classes I propose using Zoom as a tool and sharing the link to a regular meeting series with the employees. This way organization and participation in classes is very easy.
I am happy to discuss these and other options to suit your company's needs. We can also start with a trial of two to four sessions without any commitment from your end to find out how well the offer works and if something can be changed to improve acceptance.
Pricing will be individually agreed based on your company's situation and needs. I am happy to provide more information on request and during a more detailed discussion of your requirements. As a rough estimate: the price for a one-hour virtual vinyasa flow session would be around 70-80 Euros.


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