Here is what „Yoga with Mara” is all about

Want to improve flexibility, strength, and well-being? Maybe find release from some pain and stress?

I am Mara and if you ever thought to yourself:

  • “Yoga is just not for me.”
  • “I like yoga, but I need someone to guide me.”
  • “Yoga is too slow and philosophical for me.”
  • “I have some back/neck pain from sitting too much.”
  • “I do a lot of strength and cardio sports, that is all I need.”
  • “I enjoy yoga and I want to do more of it.”

You are in the right place!

Here is how “Yoga with Mara” helps you feel better

My yoga classes will show you that yoga is for everyone. They will help you feel better and note the difference of your practice quickly! Stick with me for a few sessions and see for yourself.

My teaching style focuses on easy-to-follow explanations of the poses (asanas) to facilitate correct alignment. My classes are a bit strengthening, a bit stretchy – and never boring. Everyone should feel at ease. Classes are beginner-friendly and suitable for advanced practitioners, as I offer options for more challenging poses. 

My students say I have a soothing voice and that they feel calm and relaxed after the practice while also noting they got some exercise.

About Mara and her Path to Yoga

I am Mara and I love teaching yoga. I am a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance, 200 hours). For me it is the greatest reward to see some happy faces after class and people tell me that they enjoyed the class and feel good.

I love traveling, hiking, being creative and helping people. I am a learner, curious and I like to try new things.

I started doing yoga in 2014. The reason for me was that I noticed, not even 30 years old, I was not able to reach my feet when standing with my legs straight. I did not like yoga very much for quite a long time (probably for the first two years or so). I was not able to do a downward-facing dog, one of the basic asanas that everyone else could do so easily. How did they straighten their spine and even legs? No one really explained to me how to get into this pose. I did not like the Sanskrit words and I could not understand why to rest and meditate. But I noticed yoga was helping me gain flexibility more quickly than I expected and that also generally I just felt better after class. I went to class once a week in the beginning and later, when I started liking it a bit more, I went more regularly. If someone had told me that one day I would become a yoga teacher, I would not have believed it. 

In 2018, when I moved to Munich, I started a more regular practice. I found a great teacher and really enjoyed her classes. During COVID-19 and the time of online classes and closed gyms a friend of mine told me about the yoga teacher training she did. By that time, I was doing yoga at home watching YouTube videos, but I was not able to practice my own yoga flows. I liked the idea of learning more about yoga and improving my own practice. My intention was to understand more about yoga and anatomy, improve my practice and also to look more into the meditation part of yoga. I never thought of teaching afterwards. But it turned out I liked to teach and my friends – who asked me for virtual or in-person classes – encouraged me to continue teaching and asked for more sessions.

Therefore, I decided to use my two months sabbatical to start teaching yoga. I spent two months on Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands, practicing and teaching yoga, reading my yoga books and starting to set up my website. I learned a lot during this time and had a lot of fun teaching yoga at the beach and seeing lots of happy faces.

Since completing my yoga teacher training in Baja California, Mexico, in the beginning of 2021, I do yoga mostly every day. It is something I do not want to miss anymore. It gives me a nice break from my work as IT consultant where I usually sit too much bending down in front of the screen. Especially during work from home and less ergonomic workspace, yoga has helped me a lot to stay healthy and happy.

Mareike (Mara) Schröder

Certified Yoga Teacher


June 2022 - today
Corporate Yoga Teacher
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Replacement Yoga Teacher

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Yoga with Mara


200 hours - Yoga Alliance Certified

Yandara Yoga Institute (Feb 2021)

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