Feel Better with Yoga – I Want to Help You Enjoy Yoga!

The yoga classes I offer are especially suitable for beginners and intermediates who are generally active.

I started out quite skeptical about yoga and had a hard time following classes at first. Therefore, my teaching style focuses on easy-to-follow explanations of the poses (asanas) to facilitate correct alignment. My classes are a bit strengthening, a bit stretchy – and never boring. I provide variations for advanced students as well. 

Join me for a virtual session or in the park in Munich and hear, see, and feel for yourself!



When I started yoga, I did not like it. But the practice quickly made me feel better and I started enjoying it. I want to help you experience the same!


My offering includes group yoga classes, both virtually and in-person. Additionally, I offer private yoga classes on request and am happy to discuss corporate options with your company.

Group Yoga Classes

Virtual classes (live) as well as in-person classes in Munich with a focus on the physical practice.

Private Yoga Classes

Individual classes tailored to your needs, abilities, and interest. 

Corporate Yoga Classes

Reward your employees and improve their well-being with morning or after work yoga.

What My Students Say

I do, I don't, I will like it, I won't like it... I definitely liked it! My first time yoga on the beach with Mara was just great. Join her!

Pablo Santos

Picture Pegah

Mara is an excellent teacher. For experienced yoga practitioners like me she offers more advanced variations, so everyone can learn.

Pegah Eslampia

Picture Monika

Mara's yoga flows are a great combination of stretch and strength building. The pace helps me focus and end up completely relaxed in Shavasana.

Monika Miodek

Picture Felix

Mara’s story of how she came to yoga encouraged me to try again despite not liking it before. She adjusts classes to each participant which helped me feel at ease.

felix kropp

About Mara

Mara is a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance, 200 hours) and she loves teaching. She practices yoga since 2014. Back then she could not reach her feet when bending down while keeping the legs straight which was the reason she started doing yoga. Her goal is to continually work on flexibility, strength and mindfulness and help others do the same. She did her yoga teacher training with the intention to learn more about yoga for herself and not to teach others. However, when her friends asked for sessions afterwards, she noticed how much she liked teaching and they encouraged her to continue.

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Main Benefits of Yoga

Prevent or Reduce Pain

Gaining flexibility and strength helps avoid and alleviate pain.

Reduce Stress 

Relaxing body and mind can improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress.

Increase Energy Level

Yoga improves your posture, boosts positive thinking, and lifts the spirit.

Improve Quality of Life

Yoga helps becoming more mindful and enjoying the present moment.